2017 Favorites

As 2017 closes out, I’ve been grasping at memories from this whirlwind of a year. So much has happened in so many places with so many people that it’s been challenging to properly recall, but what’s for sure is that this year has been full of new discoveries. Below are some of my favorites, from…

Mid-Summer Favorites

It’s the end of July, a turn of the earth reminding us that summer’s nearly over. Here in Boston, it’s a dire notion— the thought of an impending winter. The past month has been filled with beautiful weather and excursions galore, and I figured I’d share a bit of what I’ve loved over the weeks.…

Travel Makeup Capsule Collection

I’ve finished my third month here in tropical Singapore, and man! It has been warm. Now I might just be a spoiled Northern Californian here, but every time I step outside, I swear the humidity will suck out my soul. Traveling and living in a region notorious for its heat, I keep the makeup collection as pared-down as my heart can stand.

My Monday Face: Makeup Basics

In this first installment of My Monday Face, I figured I might as well cover the basics. I like to think that I’m experimental with my makeup, but for the most part, I slog through my morning and slap the same old things on my face. Something brownish on the eyes, pinkish on the cheeks and lips.