Since I moved into an apartment with a real kitchen two years ago, I’ve been on a journey of learning to cook more than just spaghetti and zhuzhed-up ramen. Now that I’ve cooked for a few dinner parties and meal prepped for countless weeks, I wanted to share some recipes that I’ve come to love.

Lately, I’ve joined the huge online fanbase of the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen Youtube channel, which has impeccably produced videos, delicious recipes, and so much charisma in a single cast of food-loving folks. After a week of eating cold, unseasoned salad (our kitchen had run out of salt on my cooking day, and I didn’t feel like restocking), I needed some saucy carbs back in my life. Along came Chris Morocco, his incredible palate, and this video recipe for spicy-sweet sambal pork noodles.

I followed the recipe fairly closely, using ground turkey instead of pork because Boston supermarkets don’t seem to have any pork, ever, and Korean chili paste instead of sambal oelek because that’s what I already had. Since most of the ingredients were already in my pantry, this meal prep totaled only about $12 at the grocery store. Chris uses fresh ramen noodles in his video, but the dried flat noodles I used were also delicious.

A prepped meal, to me, should be something I don’t mind eating once every day for a week. Of course, this depends on your tastes and preferences, but I’ve found that the recipes that don’t get tired for me are always complex in flavor profile and varied in texture. This is a great, easy recipe full of rich flavor and little to no technique— the perfect mix between a bolognese and a pad kee mao, and I’ll definitely be making this again. I packed it with some diced cucumber, though if I had a bit more time, I would’ve maybe slightly pickled the cucumber for extra pizzazz. Very happy bringing this in to work for lunch all week!

Read the original recipe here.