Nearly three years ago, I dressed my sisters in outfits from their closets to give them more styling ideas for the pieces they already had. This week, they raided my closet and did the same for me. Each twin picked two outfits for me, and I was so pleased with the results! Below, read their thoughts on what concepts formed the outfits they put together.

Petite Studio mesh top, & Other Stories knit snood, Chanel ribbons, & Other Stories pants, ASOS sock boots

Sharmaine: Okay, so I bought this snood/vest thing because I saw the very cool Haley Nahman wearing it and immediately thought I could pull it off too. However, I very quickly realized the open sides looked weird on my frame and just sort of flapped about, so I took these random Chanel ribbons I had lying around and tied them so the piece would become more of a vest. After I did this, though, I still didn’t know how to wear it, so it’s been sitting in my closet for nearly a year.

Bernice: I saw it and thought, “Luxe.” It’s an interesting piece since there’s the side openings which create the chance to highlight layering. Even though it’s black, it’s also good for transitional dressing and is a bit trendy with the cutouts and ribbon details. When creating the whole outfit, I wanted it to centralize around different textures that were all black, so we have mesh, knit, leather, and suede.

S: Yeah, I thought that was a really cool touch. Playing with textures is such a good way to stay monochrome. I liked this outfit— I would’ve never paired that mesh top with the vest, but now that I’ve worn it this way, I think it’s really cool and would wear it again.

Vintage turtleneck, Realisation Par dress, Doc Martens boots

S: Now, I’ve worn this dress several times both on and off the blog. I think it’s such a beautiful piece, with the shiny silk and the print. Since we’re Asian, I feel like it’s more okay to wear things like this, although I cringe a bit at the idea that the print was co-opted by white designers.

B: It’s still pretty though, and I wanted to let the embroidery pop while bringing out the blue tones. The dress on its own is kind of fancy, so I wanted to make it more casual.

S: I definitely would wear this again. I never even thought to put these two together; I usually just wear this sweater with one specific skirt. But it used to be Mom’s and is such a flattering cut, I should put it into rotation!

Urban Outfitters polo top, Princess Polly skirt, ASOS socks, Nike Cortez

S: Okay, Audrey, this one was a bit of a wild card. I got these crazy socks years ago and have always thought they were cool, even though everyone I know hates them. But last year, I paired them with this shoe one random morning and bam, it was dynamite. That day, I wore them with jeans, though, so it dampened the vibe. I wanted one of you guys to create an outfit that really highlighted the sock-shoe combo.

Audrey: It was fun to style around a focal point. We had some laughs when we were trying things out with that combination, but I settled on this tennis whites outfit to allow the red accents to be the standout.

S: Yep, at one point you had me in a full red outfit— red sweater, red pants, red socks, everything. To be honest, I liked that too. But this is more realistic. And I’ve really been digging the sporty look lately.

Everlane sweater, Urban Outfitters pants, ASOS boots, Beret from Paris

A: This is just an outfit I would wear.

S: I know! I immediately thought that when you started putting it together. It just screams “Aud style.”

A: It’s a bit preppy, and I wanted to bring out the blue tones in the pants, which aren’t very noticeable compared to the other warmer colors in the plaid but really pop out with the blue sweater on top.

S: You know, I’ve worn these pants to death and have never really taken it in the blue direction! I guess I always see the brown/yellow scheme first, so it’s cool that both you and Berp have this color highlighting approach to styling. And the whole thing is just very put-together.

It’s been several years since I styled my sisters, and though my style hasn’t changed drastically, I think theirs have both really matured. Bernice in particular has gotten really into fashion (actual fashion and not just liking clothes, like I do) design and photography lately, so working with them in both the styling and the shoot was a really fun experience for me. Over the past few months, I’ve really started to see my baby sisters in a different light and treat them accordingly. They finally feel old enough for me to treat them like friends, so I’m sure we’ll collaborate on more projects in the future. Should we perhaps do a holiday style-around? Stay tuned!

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Styling: Audrey and Bernice Sun
Photography: Bernice Sun