It’s been 57 days of Coronavirus Lockdown™, and I think my days are starting to fall into a new routine. Everyone’s been writing about how easily we as people can adjust to a new normal, but to be honest, lockdown me is not so different from the pre-lockdown me. I am, and have generally always been, an inside person. So the adjustment has not been quite as challenging. Nevertheless, I’ve picked up a few new habits and activities to keep myself entertained while sheltering in place, and I thought I’d share them here along with some outfits I’ve been wearing.

Working From Home

ASOS cardigan, old leggings

I was lucky enough to already have had the remote work option before lockdown, so transitioning to full-time work from home hasn’t been as drastic of a change. Here I’m following the generally accepted, newly common principle of Zoom-dressing (although our company doesn’t use Zoom), where the top is nice-ish and the bottoms are purely comfy.

Work It Out

H&M scrunchie, old t-shirt, Outdoor Voices leggings, CAP dumbbells

The one thing that I’ve been doing most consistently while in lockdown has been working out every day, which I’ve done for the past 5 weeks now. Although I went to the gym fairly regularly pre-quarantine, I’ve taken all this idle time to really start taking my fitness routine seriously. I start my workouts with a 30-60 minute video from Sydney Cummings (my favorite Youtube trainer, who releases new videos every day) and finish with a few Chloe Ting ab workout videos. On days I feel a little rundown, I only do the abs workouts. It just depends on how I’m feeling day-to-day. For a few weeks, I was using cans of corn and then unopened shampoo bottles as my weights, until I found some guy on Facebook Marketplace selling these dumbbells at a fair price. They’ve made the biggest difference!

My siblings have been making fun of my recent transition to becoming a “fitness fiend,” and although I have noticed positive changes in terms of my muscle tone and strength, it’s really the routine of getting up and finishing the workouts that keeps me going. Staying sane in lockdown, at least for me, revolves around keeping things consistent and positive.

Old Hobbies

Vintage Esprit sweatshirt, Reformation dress

I’ve already written an entire post about my jewelry-making at home, but it’s surprisingly exciting to rediscover childhood hobbies and realize that they’re just as fun as they used to be. I’m wearing a really cute green spotted dress because I naively brought “nice clothes” home to wear, and an old sweatshirt I stole from my mom. She’s wearing it in a lot of pictures from my childhood, so it makes me feel good to wear it now.

Pool Boy

Solid and Striped swim top, ASOS shorts

Since it already started getting warm here in California, I was committed to getting the pool in swim-able condition so we could swim before I left. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve helped clean the pool, and let me just say, it ain’t easy! But the weather is always lovely and our backyard is nice enough that I can easily convince myself that scrubbing the sides of our pool is a good time.


Gingham lounge set from unknown brand

I might write an entire other post about this, but being at home has made me tap into memories and behaviors from my childhood that I’d totally forgotten. My siblings say I’ve regressed, but I like to say I’m regressing every day. This gingham tank-and-shorts set makes me feel like a kid, in a good way.

Absolutely Nothing

Eliou sweatshirt, Nike training shorts

Let’s be honest here— I may be doing all of the things above and more, but a lot of the time in lockdown, I’m doing absolutely nothing. The anxiety of uncertainty during this time is no joke, and sometimes, every once in a while, it’s nice to just sit on the floor in a corner and soak up some sun.