Back in early December, I suddenly got the idea to dress my twin sisters for the site and proposed it to them, which they enthusiastically accepted. After some failed trials of both styling and shooting, we’ve ended up with three outfits per sister to show here. I chatted with Audrey and Bernice to hear their opinions on the clothes I chose for them.

On Audrey (left): Nasty Gal top, Uniqlo pants, H&M necklace. On Bernice: Topshop top, Uniqlo pants, H&M necklace (other half of the necklace on Audrey)

Okay, so for this first look I was trying to give you guys a sort of “we’re twins but also our own people” kind of vibe, so I went with similar off-shoulder ruched tops and funky Uniqlo pants. What did you guys think about it?

Bernice: I really liked the yellow combination even though it was more subtle. It’s subtle but at the same time it’s still stands out. It’s a pretty standard combination, like off-shoulder and pants, but the colors made it a bit more special and different. I also liked the necklace because it really flatters that area.

Audrey: It’s nice, pretty. It’s a different way of styling those pants compared to the way I’ve done it before.

S: How did you style them before?

IMG_7744A: I usually wear this plain black t-shirt basically and it just makes the pants look kind of boring even though they’re quite cool.

S: Would you guys wear these outfits again?

A: During the summer, yeah. When I’m feeling a little bit more fancy than normal but still casual, I guess. I liked the necklace— shiny.

B: I like the moon and stars motif on that necklace; I feel like it made it kind of whimsical. I like the outfit, but the pants weren’t quite high-waisted enough for the top so that’s why we had to shoot sitting down.

On Audrey: Esprit tank, Cisono pants, Hot International jacket

IMG_7742S: For this one, I was trying to bring out the graphic lettering on the tank with the red pants, and I thought the tan denim jacket was a cool addition. What did you think?

A: It’s something I would never have thought to put together because usually I don’t put tight things with tight things, but with the tan jacket, it balanced it out. The jacket is my favorite part.

S: We were laughing while shooting this because sometimes Audrey looks like a wax figure in pictures.

A: Maybe it’s just that I’m too flawless to be real. (laughs)

On Bernice: Danskin top, Levi’s jeans, vintage cardigan

S: Ooh! I liked this outfit! I was going for that, like, ~sporty vibe~. You were complaining about how cold it was though, right?

B: Yes, ’cause not everybody is formidable against the Californian winter. I am weak. Then again, it was a tank top, so… not my fault. I really liked the oversized look of this outfit but I felt like the jeans were a tad long and a tad loose to really complete the outfit.

S: Yeah, they’re mine so I figured the fit wouldn’t be perfect. How often had you worn this top before I put it on you? Because I saw it in your closet and was like “I have to style this for them.”

B: I’ve never worn this top before, mostly because it is sportswear and I wouldn’t wear sportswear on a daily basis typically. I like the color, but I don’t really like the shape of it. I think it comes in too much and it’s not necessarily the best look, so I think putting the cardigan over made it look better. I think I’d wear this outfit again, but I’d rather wear the top while exercising than while doing daily things.

On Audrey: Gap shirt, Boohoo skirt
Photo by Bernice

S: You guys asked me to style this skirt, and I think it’s so pretty, both the design and the color, so I decided to make this a more dressy look, for like an interview or something. Did you like it?

A: Oh yes, very much. I’ve liked this shirt for a long time but just haven’t worn it much since what I wear to school is typically more casual.

B: I love this outfit. I would wear it. The fit is really good; it’s a nice silhouette.

A: I feel like all the outfits you chose for me were just like improving on my style whereas the outfits you chose for Berp were more different than her style.

On Bernice: elephant top (unknown brand), Primark jeans, fishnets

B: This outfit is my least favorite out of the three. I think that even though it’s the most different one, it’s a stretch for my style. I like edgy pieces, and this isn’t that bad, but wearing this on a daily basis isn’t realistic for my lifestyle.

S: (laughs) Didn’t you say putting on the skinny jeans over the fishnets was a struggle?

B: Yeah, like first of all, I’ve never worn fishnets before, so that was a process, and then I had to put skinny jeans over it and I felt like I was going to break the fishnets because it was stretching them, so I had to be careful when I put it on. This outfit is more high-maintenance than the other ones for sure. I do like how we’re putting the playful element of the elephants with the edgy fishnets. I think that contrast really worked.

S: So which of your outfits, and then which of all of the outfits, were your favorite?

B: Out of my outfits, I liked the off-shoulder one the best. Out of all the outfits, I liked Aud’s striped shirt and skirt the best. I think it fit her really well and looked good on Aud.

A: For my outfits, I liked the striped shirt and Boohoo skirt too. I think it elevated my style the best. On Berp, I liked the concept of the yellow Danskin top with the jeans best. I think if it had fit better, it would’ve looked really good since Berp’s personality is very loungewear and that outfit felt like it matched her personality.

S: What was your favorite part of this experiment?

A: Even though I didn’t wear the super different looks, it’s helped me see that there’s a lot more I can do with the clothing that I have. I’ve realized there’s more than the jeans-with-a-shirt type look that I’ve always done. Seeing each other every day has influenced us to have really similar styles, so this showed me that it could be interesting for us to have different styles.

B: It made me more open to trying out new things that are supposed to be trendier these days, instead of sticking with basic clothes. Overall the style gave me a perception of what my style could evolve into when I’m older and when I can take my style to the next level. At my age, you don’t really need to show your personal style, so I think this experience has helped me have an idea of how I want to dress in the future.

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