Here in Singapore, a furious storm’s tantrum has been boiling on for what feels like days. Though the circumstances make scavenging for food a bit more troublesome, that hasn’t stopped my body’s natural screaming for nutrition. After shuffling through the MRT to Holland Village, I stepped into the clean vibes that is Haakon Superfoods and Juice. The cafe’s interior, brightly lit with delicate plants in jars on marble tables, is minimalistic and instantly appeals to any millennial instagrammer. With Scandinavian roots, Haakon [hɑkun] promotes a simple, straightforward idea of food.

As I was there too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, I decided to make an event of it and ordered the popular Viking Salad and Classic Acai Bowl. Not only was the service efficient and the presentation charming, but the food itself was also scrumptious. This past month in Singapore has been full of regional foods, which unfortunately does not include many raw vegetables, something I strangely came to miss. Pampered through childhood with California’s fresh produce, I was sorely disappointed when I arrived in Boston. However, Singapore seems more promising on that front, judging by the freshness and deliciousness of the Viking Salad, which included a hearty portion of proteins – roast beef, smoked salmon, grilled chicken, an egg, and tofu – combined with crisp Romaine lettuce and quinoa. Haakon also offers three dressing options, including the delightful miso sesame. Although the above may seem like a great deal of different flavors and textures, the salad was well-balanced and, unlike some other foods, felt wonderful in my stomach even after it was consumed.

Haakon’s acai bowl is also a knockout, paired with a chia parfait base, a unique and tasty combination. The acai flavor was potent but blended well with the fruits, coconut, and granola atop the creation. I’ve had acai bowls in other locations around Singapore, but at first bite, Haakon jumped to the top of my list. The surprising versatility of acai makes it great at any time of day, as breakfast, a snack, or even dessert.


My first taste at Haakon was thoroughly satisfying and I’ll definitely be returning in the remainder of my time here. There are some foods that are delicious during consumption and regrettable immediately afterwards. The nutritious, filling goodness at Haakon is quite the opposite. Whatever you choose to get here, you will certainly leave feeling like you’ve served your body well.

Price: $, Rating: 5/5
118 Holland Ave, #01-03 Raffles Holland V

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