My Go-To Summer Look

Now entering my seventh straight month of summer weather, I figured it was time to show you what I do when upper lip sweat takes over my life. Instead of filming a video tutorial like a normal human being, I wanted to be a hip teen while I still can and decided to document the…

Travel Makeup Capsule Collection

I’ve finished my third month here in tropical Singapore, and man! It has been warm. Now I might just be a spoiled Northern Californian here, but every time I step outside, I swear the humidity will suck out my soul. Traveling and living in a region notorious for its heat, I keep the makeup collection as pared-down as my heart can stand.

Autumn 2016 Lips

I’ve been ill for the last month and it’s honestly ridiculous at this stage. I was not aware that a cough could evolve and take on as many personalities as it has. I’m currently in the phase where there’s no phlegm left to cough up and my back aches as I drily hack away.

My Monday Face: Makeup Basics

In this first installment of My Monday Face, I figured I might as well cover the basics. I like to think that I’m experimental with my makeup, but for the most part, I slog through my morning and slap the same old things on my face. Something brownish on the eyes, pinkish on the cheeks and lips.