A few months ago, I made a post about white tops, the staple of the summer, and how I style them. Now that the winter’s in full swing, I figured it was time for a post on black boots, the hero of my cold weather outfits. To be honest, I only wear black boots in the winter. They’re versatile, comfortable, and more weather-resistant than other shoes. Black boots make any outfit sleek and keep your ankles protected from gross melted-snow puddle splashes. These are just a few ways I wear them.

The Perfect Pair

Vagabond bootsAritzia topMango jacket, & other stories pants

In late high school, my dad bought me the most perfect pair of black boots ever— chelsea style, low block heel, nice fitted-but-not-tight ankle, and I wore those suckers every single day. About two years in, they gave out, and ever since, I’ve been on the hunt for my “perfect” everyday black boot again. This pair from Vagabond Shoemakers fits the bill nicely. I’ve paired them with a going-out ensemble, leather heavy as current trends dictate.

Strictly Business

ASOS boots (similar here), Zara slip dressASOS blazer, vintage belt

If I worked in an office with a stricter dress code, this is probably the type of thing I would wear. These heeled boots don’t look very different from the front compared to my other ones, but they have a four-inch heel that gives me a good lift when I need a power outfit. In retrospect, I could’ve belted the whole thing over the blazer instead of under to make it more fashion-y, but this works too.

Stompin’ Around

Doc Martens boots, Reformation top, Urban Outfitters pants

I think of this outfit as ol’ faithful— every time I don’t know what to wear, I whip this out and feel comfortable and confident every time. The cropped flares are in a strangely similar plaid to my high school uniform’s pattern, which makes me wonder if I’ve been conditioned to gravitate toward such prints. These patent leather Docs took me forever and a lot of pain to break in, but now that they’re a few years old, they serve as my rain and snow shoes.

Buckle Up

ASOS boots (similar here), vintage shirt, Mango pantsZara jacket

It was when I put this outfit together when I realized this post features a lot of black. I promise, I wear plenty of non-black outfits with my black boots! But a few weeks ago, I reorganized my closet by color instead of by clothing category, and as a result have worn more black than I have in the past three-ish years. I got these studded buckle boots a few years ago, and my favorite thing about them is that my mother hated them on sight and then changed her mind after seeing them for two weeks! She even said they looked “pretty cool.”

A Bit Victorian

ASOS boots (similar here), Plain Studiotop, Zara pinaforeASOS headband

I wore this exact outfit a few weeks ago and felt a bit like I belonged in some kind of Victorian costume shop, but that’s not a bad thing! I’ve owned this puffy sleeved, high neck top forever and never had the gall to wear it out more than once, so I’m committed to wearing it more often, starting with this outfit. The suede sock boots are surprisingly comfortable and feel just a tad more polished than my other boots, which adds a nice upgrade to my closet. Once spring officially comes and the road sludge clears, I hope to wear this kind of outfit every day.