I have taken the weekend trip to New York quite a few times since moving to Boston, and every time has been a little bit different. The city is always changing. The bus in is always either early or very late. Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar keeps drawing me in, tempting me to cave to the Insta-sweets, even though I already (!!) know that I’m not a fan! There’s nothing quite like the city.

This time, I brought Audrey to visit our mom and Bernice, who’s dancing with the Bolshoi Ballet this summer. Reuniting the twins after a few weeks apart was gratifying largely because they could finally yammer on and do the “twin thing” without me feeling in the way. We spent the weekend thrifting, in Brooklyn and the East Village, and eating lots of delicious and – I’ll admit – beautiful foods.

We also got to see Waitress at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, which has been now announced to be closing after 3 years on Broadway. The music had all the classic Sara Bareilles charm I expected, and the actors were fantastic! Of course, I had to bring them to get pizza, which we had in a little shop in the East Village. We ended our Saturday with dessert at Foodbabyny’s favorite Supermoon Bakehouse, whose pastries were as good as they looked. Very happy, very full.

Our Sunday was spent at the Met Gala Camp exhibit — a gorgeous exhibit full of all the garments I wish I owned. We then had a quick and spicy lunch, shopped a bit more, and suddenly the weekend was over. New York moves so much faster than Boston does. Of course, I’ll be back for more.