Chapter Twenty-One

While turning twenty felt like the end of an epoch, twenty-one feels rather quiet and inconsequential. Besides the practical aspect of having finally turned an age that my peers have all been for months, I’m looking back on the last year and, uncharacteristically, don’t have much to say. Sure, things happened. But they all sort of passed uneventfully. It’s as if becoming an adult just … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-One


Paul Sun’s life of strength, faith, and defiance Interstate 880 runs right along the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay. Its posted speed limit is 65 mph, but drivers are indifferent, rarely meeting radar guns or speeding tickets. My grandfather was the same— I, ten years old and vaguely interested in staying alive, would shout from the backseat for him to slow down, alarmed … Continue reading Counter-Revolutionary

What’s In My Z Palette?

Since getting a large Z palette over the summer, I’ve depotted and started to fill it with some single eyeshadows I use and love. Here’s all of the shadows my Z palette currently houses. I didn’t think very systematically while I was taking pictures for this post, so my swatch pictures are in a completely different order than the way they’re arranged here in the … Continue reading What’s In My Z Palette?