How To Move To Singapore

They say it’s going to be especially cold these coming months. You’re squeezed into an aisle seat, the buffer between the walkway and an overly cozy couple. The time that follows is full of the woman climbing over her boyfriend and shaking you awake every time she needs to use the restroom. You count fourteen. How is that even physically possible? Why does she have such … Continue reading How To Move To Singapore

Garb: Dark Floral for Wine Country

I’ll be honest—my style is nothing special. It can even be pretty basic most days. (My friends have recently taken to saying that I look like a sorority girl…) With that in mind, this series is intended as a photojournal of clothes I’ve worn, clothes I’ve loved, clothes I will regret in a year or five or twenty. It’s also a nice way to remember … Continue reading Garb: Dark Floral for Wine Country