How To Move To Singapore

They say it’s going to be especially cold these coming months. You’re squeezed into an aisle seat, the buffer between the walkway and an overly cozy couple. The time that follows is full of the woman climbing over her boyfriend and shaking you awake every time she needs to use the restroom. You count fourteen. How is that even physically possible? Why does she have such … Continue reading How To Move To Singapore

Eateries: Rice Burg Food Truck

Eateries is where I talk about food I’ve consumed. While strolling down Silber Way on a fine Saturday afternoon, my twin flame and I discovered the Riceburg food truck parked outside the School of Education. Imagine our delight when we tasted the delicious fusion concoction that is the rice burger! I got the mala spicy chicken rice burger, and twin flame got the bulgogi rice … Continue reading Eateries: Rice Burg Food Truck