I’ll be honest—my style is nothing special. It can even be pretty basic most days. (My friends have recently taken to saying that I look like a sorority girl…) With that in mind, this series is intended as a photojournal of clothes I’ve worn, clothes I’ve loved, clothes I will regret in a year or five or twenty. It’s also a nice way to remember places I’ve been while taking these photos. It’s especially nice as an incentive to find interesting places to visit and shoot. Of course, I can imagine the people in my life becoming rather tired of spending their time on this earth taking pictures of me, so the frequency of these posts isn’t guaranteed to be particularly consistent. Regardless, I hope you enjoy what follows.

We were up in Napa that day because my sisters were taking a class with their favorite teacher—thanks to Napa Valley Ballet for letting them use their studio! While the twins pranced around on their toes, we wandered around downtown. Afterwards, we had lunch at Taqueria Maria (their shrimp tacos are great!) and gelato at Frati Gelato Cafe (ridiculously good, authentic gelato) to close out a pleasant day.

Actually a real candid for once. Clearly.

In these photos, I’m wearing a floral wrap dress from Forever 21, a lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret, a Gap denim jacket (which I purchased on one of their many incredible sales), and lace up flats from Amazon. Amazon’s actually a great place to buy affordable shoes, and as long as the reviews are trustworthy and positive, it’s one of my favorite places to get shoes.

Learned to dance
Learned to dance

These shoes frolicked with me as we cha cha’d and strolled through Oxbow Public Market, enjoying the stench of exorbitantly priced “artisanal” goods. I love playing the tourist while being back in California—it’s one of my favorite things to do. The sky was ridiculously blue and the air light and fresh, both things I miss when in Boston. I’m sure you’ll all be able to recognize the change as soon as I move!

Caught raking my fingers through my hair in the way my parents hate
Caught raking my fingers through my hair in the way my parents hate


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