Haakon Superfoods & Juice

Here in Singapore, a furious storm’s tantrum has been boiling on for what feels like days. Though the circumstances make scavenging for food a bit more troublesome, that hasn’t stopped my body’s natural screaming for nutrition. After shuffling through the MRT to Holland Village, I stepped into the clean vibes that is Haakon Superfoods and Juice. The cafe’s interior, brightly lit with delicate┬áplants in jars … Continue reading Haakon Superfoods & Juice

Eateries: Rice Burg Food Truck

Eateries is where I talk about food I’ve consumed. While strolling down Silber Way on a fine Saturday afternoon, my twin flame and I discovered the Riceburg food truck parked outside the School of Education. Imagine our delight when we tasted the delicious fusion concoction that is the rice burger! I got the mala spicy chicken rice burger, and twin flame got the bulgogi rice … Continue reading Eateries: Rice Burg Food Truck